I was born and grew up in Tuscany where I remained until the age of 18. Once I finished art college in Italy I began to explore photography through trips throughout Italy and abroad.

In 2003 I enrolled at D.A.M.S in Torino and later I moved to London, Berlin and Barcelona pursuing photography and cinema as a profession.

It did not take long for my passion to translate into my profession. I have worked for a range of international outfits, recording momentous events and immortalising celebrities in music and entertainment.

From 2011 I settled in Rome where I pursue my career as a Focus Puller in Europe and beyond. I am lucky to work with some of the best directors of photography in the business, whilst continuing to pursue personal photography projects.

This webpage is dedicated to all the people who have had an impact on the development of my artistic and photographic vision.

tel: 0039 345 5917015